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When you're sitting on the dock with your legs dangling over the glittering water, what kind of shoes do you want to see on your feet? When you picture yourself standing on the deck of a boat with the breeze rippling through your hair, what sort of shoes do you want to be wearing? There's one brand of shoes that goes with summertime like sand goes with surf— and that brand is Sperry. Here's the lineup of the top five women's Sperry shoes for summertime.

Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes

It's one of Sperry's premium classics, affectionately known as the A/O 2-Eye Boat. It doesn't get any more basic or beautiful than this streamlined shoe, crafted from genuine leather that lasts for years. The shoes themselves are hand-sewn with Tru-Moc construction, which ensures that they will be as durable as they are comfortable. To keep the shoe snug on your foot, tighten it with the 360-degree lacing system. Those rust-proof eyelets will stand up to splashes by the pool or on the boat deck, and the shock-absorbent heel cup can handle the pressure of long treks down the boardwalk or jaunts through the neighborhood on a summer evening. Thanks to the non-marking rubber outsole, you can even wear these Sperry women's A/Os across your floors for quick trips from the grill to the kitchen and back. If you don't have a pair of women's Sperry A/O 2-Eye boat shoes, get one this season. You'll love the combination of summer style and superb fit.

Seacoast Sneakers

A streamlined, classic Sperry Seacoast sneaker is the answer to your everyday footwear needs for the summertime. They are available in lightweight, breathable canvas to keep your feet cool yet protected. With vulcanized construction on their side, these kicks have an ultra-powerful bond between outsole and upper, enhancing their durability. The canvas Seacoast sneakers come in several different colors, including ivory, navy, white, light charcoal, and black. Pick up a couple of pairs so that you'll have a set of your favorite women's Sperry shoes for every casual summer outfit.

Firefish Classic Boat Shoes

When you're sitting on the deck in the warm glow of a summer sunset, nothing looks better on your feet than a set of women's Sperry Firefish classic boat shoes. The Firefish style is the modern cousin of the original Sperry Angelfish style, with slimmer, more feminine lines. With their sturdy rubber outsoles and tough uppers made of canvas or genuine leather, these shoes can handle whatever summer activities you have planned. The 360-degree lacing system and two-eye design allows you to tighten the shoes up just enough for a snug, secure fit. Thanks to the thickly cushioned footbed, you can wear the Firefish Classic boat shoes all day without your feet protesting. If you're concerned about the heat, keep in mind that the women's Firefish shoes, in addition to being attractively proportioned, have Dri-lex technology that siphons off moisture. For even more breathability, select the canvas upper instead of the leather version. 

Koifish Stripe Boat Shoes

Adorable and irresistible, the Sperry Koifish Stripe boat shoes seem to be begging you to wear them to the seaside. With the navy and ivory nautical striping, the sand-colored leather ties, and the white stitching against the navy blue leather, you'll feel beach-ready even when the sand and surf are miles away. The combination of textiles and leather in the upper makes these Sperry women's boat shoes more breathable, and you'll enjoy the flexibility of the EVA molded midsole. If you loved the original Sperry Bluefish shoes, you'll adore the Koifish Stripe boat shoes even more.

Bahama Multi Stripe Sneaker

Another must-have for your shoe closet is the Sperry Bahama Multi Stripe Sneaker. This sneaker is cuteness personified, featuring subtle stripes contrasted with thin black piping and brown laces. There's an ivory and tan striped version or one with grey and tan stripes. You can select the one that fits in better with your summer wardrobe, or splurge and buy both! The removable footbed gives you the flexibility you need to customize your own level of comfort and breathability. The vulcanized construction between outsole and upper minimizes the chances of the shoe splitting apart, even after years of wear. Snag your own pair of women's Sperry Bahama Multi Stripe sneakers and watch your friends' eyes widen with envy!



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