Summer 2016 ASICS Style Highlight

October 12, 2018 3 min read

Are you ready to run? Summer 2016 is here, and if you have any winter flab hanging around, it's time to run it off. To do that, you're going to need the best shoes for running the trails, walking the neighborhood, and kicking the ball with your kids in the backyard. ASICS has the shoes you need— high on performance, low on weight, and a perfect fit all around. Without any further ado, check out five of the top running shoes that ASICS is highlighting this season.

The FuzeX

The ASICS FuzeX is pure streamlined power, transformed into a shoe that's both lightweight and sturdy. The design is just right for neutral runners or underpronators, including plenty of rearfoot shock absorption and ample toe-off cushioning as well. The shoe feels great and moves with you as you run, seamlessly blending the support and secure fit you need with the responsiveness and comfort you want. You can leave the ComforDry SockLiner in to wick away and absorb moisture, or you can remove it and still have plenty of cushion and airflow. On the outsole, the shoe is protected with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, which resists those bumps and scrapes that are bound to happen occasionally when you run. Grab a pair of ASICS Mens FuzeX or pick up a pair for the female runner in your life.

The Cumulus

The ASICS Cumulus 18 has a rearfoot and forefoot Gel Cushioning System, which siphons off the shock whenever your foot hits the ground or when your toe presses in to give you the spring you need going forward. As your foot moves, the shoe flexes, providing just enough support while allowing motion fluidity. There's a vertical flex groove on the bottom of the ASICS Cumulus 18, giving you the edge you need to get more power from your stride. With the Trusstic System, you enjoy a lighter sole without losing the durability and integrity of the shoe's structure. As a bonus, the ASICS Cumulus 18 features a removable ComforDry liner for extra cushioning and a drier, more breathable space for your foot. The ASICS Cumulus 18 comes in different color combinations so that you can choose the look that best suits your personality. There's a more robust ASICS Mens Cumulus 18, as well as a slightly slimmer version for women; but both genders enjoy the same high-performance design and features.

The Kayano

Next up is the ASICS Kayano 22, a vividly colored shoe that shines just as brightly when it comes to performance. The Kayanos are designed to keep weight off your feet so that you can run at your fastest speeds; but they also offer superb shock attenuation thanks to the integrated gel cushioning system. These new GEL-Kayano 22 shoes take the best of the original ASICS Kayano 21 design and add in a FluidFit upper than molds to your foot and ensures flexibility along with a snug fit. It's the perfect design for runners who are mild to moderate overpronators. You'll love the ComforDry interior that keeps feet well-aired and reasonably dry, even after a long run. There's an ASICS Mens Kayano and one for women as well, and each gender gets a fun selection of bright designs, with some neutral options thrown in.

The FuzeX Lyte

What makes the ASICS FuzeX Lyte different from the regular FuzeX? It's the back-to-the-basics, nothing-but-the-essentials approach that differentiates the Lyte version. The ASICS FuzeX Lyte is perfect for long walks with your family, a quick run to the corner store, or a leisurely stroll with the dog on a warm summer evening. It might not stand up to heavy daily runs, but it performs beautifully as a comfortable, perfectly fitted shoe for your everyday pleasure.

The Nimbus

The ASICS Nimbus 17 and its successor, the  ASICS Nimbus 18, are fan favorites with runners. The Nimbus 17 in particular is beloved for its superior comfort and fit. Both the 17 and 18 versions trump the ASICS Nimbus 16 with their lighter weight and improved gel cushioning system. Like many other ASICS top running shoes, the Nimbus shoes feature a seamless construction which eliminates any annoying chafe points from prominent seams or stitches. Instead, you get a comfortable shoe that you'll love to sink your foot into every time you go for a run. The cushioning for the ASICS Mens Nimbus 16, 17, and 18 is different than that of the women's versions of the shoes, with unique shock absorption tailored for each gender.

If you're looking for good running shoesfor summertime, you now have five high-quality options from which to choose. What are you waiting for? Grab a pair and start enjoying your summer!


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